Vacall offers a broad line of sewer cleaners, catch basin cleaners, street sweepers, industrial vacuum loaders and hydro-excavators

The Vacall line features the AllJetVac Combination Sewer Cleaner, which now comes in three models.

Our Vacall AllSweep Street Sweepers are powerful and versatile, taking on many jobs in addition to standard sweeping, with superior cleaning forces to pick up debris, wet leaves, gravel and even bottles and cans, setting the AllSweep apart from routine street sweeping machines.

Our Vacall AllCatch Catch Basin Cleaners are the most powerful and versatile vacuum catch basin cleaners available. Armed with a high-performance blower, the AllCatch can pull muck, debris, rocks, bottles and large volumes of water effortlessly from catch basins.

The AllVac Industrial Vacuum Loader is our high-capacity, truck-mounted industrial vacuum loader, ideal for environmental cleanup.

The AllExcavate Hydro-Excavator rounds out the Vacall product line with top-of-the-line performance and efficient operation that allows for very efficient excavation around water, sewer, gas and utility lines as well as other critical excavation tasks.