Water recycling feature on AllJetVac saves time and water during sewer cleaning

Profile 010 : New Philadelphia, OH

New Philadelphia, Ohio – like most municipalities – is challenged to maintain its network of sanitary sewers in the most efficient way possible. Because the city has been the home of Gradall Industries since the 1950s, it is very willing to cooperate with the development of new products including a new water recycling system developed for Vacall AllJetVac machines. Introduced in early 2016, the Vacall Recycler water recycling system is designed to reduce the need to refill water tanks to accommodate the machine's need for powerful jetting forces. City crews, working in cooperation with Gradall engineers, were more than pleased with the positive results.

The Vacall versatility advantage

"It's a huge time-saver, especially if you have long runs that might require you to stop and refill more than once," said Ron McAbier, city service director. "We worked for two days and did not fill the water tank once," added Bill Petrole, Gradall vice president for Vacall products. The work involved an AllJetVac model 1215, a standard machine with a 12-yard debris tank and two water tanks with a total capacity of 1,500 gallons – 1,260 gallons of gray water and 240 gallons of fresh.

When work started, the gray water tank was completely empty, collecting water for jetting by vacuuming it during the first stretch of lines to be cleaned. Recouped water moves through a patented filtering system, first undergoing an initial sediment separation before moving through a floating V-filtration screen. High-speed centrifugal action removes the remaining solids, with a fine screen filtering out tiny particles down to 100 microns. Solids and fine particles are removed into the debris tank while the recouped wastewater goes into the gray water tanks. "We actually recouped water faster than we could jet it back into the sewers for cleaning," said Petrole, noting that the AllJetVac worked for two full days without stopping to fill at a hydrant even once. The 240-gallon fresh water tank is for wash down with a 10 gpm pump and 50-foot hose. "We like the fact that it saves time, water and the environment," added McAbier, who has many years of experience with the city's sewer line maintenance commitment. "We can clean hundreds of feet of line and never once hook up to a hydrant."

“We are particularly proud of the aggressive jetting power our Vacalls generate to open obstructions or even maintain clear lines," said Petrole. McAbier agreed, noting: "There was absolutely no loss of jetting power when we used the Vacall Recycler system. We got full productivity while totally eliminating the need to stop for water refill, which lets us provide extra service to our taxpayers. Our city employees can work an entire day without even stopping for back flushing or filter changes."

The Recycler option joins Vacall's "Green That Works" collection of advantages, including standard smart controls that build operating efficiency and regulate water usage. Vacall machines only use one engine, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, while the company issues lifetime warranties on its standard and optional water and debris tanks.

Learn more about Vacall Recycler water recycling feature here.
For a demo, call 330-339-2212. Vacall products are designed, manufactured and supported by Gradall Industries, Inc., a world leader in pioneering hydraulic technologies.

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