Combination Sewer Cleaner

The best combination sewer cleaner on the market.

Two new AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners provide contractors and governments with a choice of advantages. Each of the new models is equipped with excellent jetting action and superior vacuum power to efficiently open clogged sewer lines and perform needed maintenance.

AllJetVac P Series combination sewer cleaner models use a positive displacement blower system, setting the industry standard for high performance and reliability. The vacuum and jetting systems are powered by the chassis engine, enabling municipalities and contractors to open clogged sewer lines and remove debris while also reducing fuel consumption and routine engine service cost and downtime. A range of popular unit sizes and power options are available.

AllJetVac R Series combination sewer cleaner models feature a hose reel and boom system located at the rear of the chassis, rather than in the front, accommodating the preference of some contractors and municipalities. Exceptional performance and reliability are combined with superior operating efficiency, using a chassis engine to also power vacuum and jetting forces, thereby reducing fuel consumption, emissions and service requirements.

AllJetVac with™ Recycler Option lets you work all day without stopping – typically without using a drop of city water. By continuously recycling water from the sewer system, there's no need to stop work for refills. More sewers can be cleaned faster. And you are good to the environment.

The Vacall AJV with High Dump Option has a unique design that allows the operator to raise the debris tank as much as 76 inches above ground level. This debris tank repositioning enables the operator to dump material into dewatering containers, avoiding the need for dangerous ramps.

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